June is Great Outdoors Month!

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As the Welcome message on the greatoutdoorsmonth.org site says, it’s all about celebrating the natural wonder and outdoor spirit of America. So with that being the goal, it’s surprising BSA didn’t come up with the idea for “Great Outdoors Month” first!

Most of the time Scouts don’t need an excuse to head out and hit the trail, but if we’re totally honest, we know that every so often the techno trap of being continually ‘plugged-in’ breeds some abandon-the-couch-resistance and creates reluctant Scouting adventurers.

Well, it doesn’t have to be an either-or situation…
Why not take on Great Outdoors Month by getting creative on how you can resolve the Tech vs. Trek dilemma. Design some appointments with nature that don’t even hint at leaving your electronic essentials at home!

In today’s market, there’s a cutting-edge excitement about designing personal electronics made for adventure. These are items made to enhance safety, performance, and fun in the field, never intending to interfere with the purity of your experience.
Here’s just some of the gear that helps put high-tech into high adventure:
● GPS devices ● Digital two-way radios ● Recharging kits and battery packs ● Innovative lighting
● GoPro cameras ● Wireless speakers ● State-of-the-art cooking systems ● Weather radios
● Altimeters ● Compasses ● Generators ● Satellite phones

To check out BSA’s full line of camping electronics and gadgets, visit ScoutStuff.org today!

And be sure to visit the Great Outdoors Month site for great suggestions on events and activities to get involved in, some of which Scouting already promotes, such as National Trails Day® and service projects in the outdoors.

And learn even more at AmericasGreatOutdoors.gov.


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